Here at Fulton Kettle Corn, we do our best to use the highest quality ingredients.  The popcorn is the foundation in our kettle corn masterpiece which is why we only use non-gmo popcorn kernals.  The soybean oil is 100% Gluten Free.  The sugar we use is raw pure cane sugar that is unrefined, so it keeps the same natural color as well as the great taste. Lastly, we top off our gourmet kettle corn with all natural sea salt.  We choose sea salt because of the many health benefits as well as it's yummy taste.  All of those ingredients together combined equals kettle corn perfection.  At Fulton Kettle Corn, we strive to mix the perfect amount of sweet and salty to leave your taste buds coming back for more. If you haven't tried some, we hope to see you soon!